Personal Insurance

In addition to business services, Choice One understands that sometimes it is preferable to have one professional to contact for your needs. We are pleased to provide our clients with a single point of contact for personal insurance needs in addition to their business programs. Choice One Insurance can help you assess and insure your personal assets, protecting your family from loss in the event of an accident or emergency. Home or auto insurance, health or life insurance, we can help you navigate the insurance world and make sure that your business and your family are protected.

Personal Auto Insurance

Insuring a high-value car, motorcycle, or RV can be very different than insuring the family sedan. Our experts will ensure that you have the correct overage, whatever your personal auto insurance needs.

Fire (Homeowners) Insurance

Like most Americans, your home is probably your most valuable asset. The experts at Choice One Insurance can help you assess your fire insurance needs and protect your family and home, whether you rent or own, in the event of a catastrophe.


Health Insurance


Health insurance is vital to provide financial assistance in obtaining preventative and wellness care and minimizing expenses when an extended illness or injury happens. At Choice One, our goal is assist you in picking a medical plan that fits your lifestyle and care need and to help you understand your policy and what is, and isn’t covered.


Life Insurance


Life insurance can buy loved ones time to grieve. It can pay off debts and loans, providing families with the chance to move on with a clean slate. It can keep families in their homes and pre-fund a child’s college education. It can keep a family business in the family. Life insurance can do all of these wonderful things for your family. Statistics show that it can take up to seven years for a family to financially recover from the death of a loved one. The vast majority of American’s are underinsured when it comes to life insurance, leaving their spouses and children at risk should they unexpectedly pass away. Ask one of our agents to review your current policy to make sure you have enough coverage. No life insurance? We can help you to determine what kind and how much of a policy you need.

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