Occupational Accident Insurance

This type of coverage was specifically designed for various occupations to address a need in coverage when Worker's Compensation is not available. Although policies of this type in no way intended to replace Worker's Compensation, it sometimes can serve as good alternative that provides a bucket of coverages normally found on several insurance products.

Benefits of Occupational Accident insurance usually include following:
  • Accidental Death and Dismemberment
  • Accidental Medical Expense
  • Accidental Dental benefit
  • Short Term Disability
  • Long Term Disability
Since policies of this type mainly made to cover accidents at work, benefits usually higher for work-related injuries and lower for non work-related.

In order to provide you with the best selection of benefits available and accepted classes of risk, we had partnered with a few top insurers. Both individual and group plans available with low monthly rates from $105 to $175 per person (depending on the size of the risk and classification).

Many occupations acceptable, however, leadership is still after truck drivers and delivery drivers.

Why do I need this insurance?

Many firms use sub-contracted professionals on daily basis; however, in some states (like Oregon) Worker's Compensation coverage can not be purchased by contracting firm to cover independent workers who are not employees. There are great chances that after the accident either injured person, or one's family, or estate will allege that that sub-contractor was acting as an employee which will enable access to contracting firm's Worker's Compensation benefits. Establishing a strong legal policy that would determine status of a contractor as an independent professional and requiring Occupational Accident insurance can address Medical Expense costs and provide extra protection for Employer. Please note that this coverage does not provide Employer's Liability insurance.

Occupational Accident coverage is among one of most popular products now. Please feel free giving us a call to inquire about benefits and for a free no obligation quote.

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