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Surety Bonds

Although bonds are not a part of our core services, we will gladly provide this service to our existing customers and prospective clients that are also interested in our core business services.

We partner with several surety companies and brokers who are able to accommodate a wide variety of risk types. 

Things to consider when applying for a surety bond:

- Accurate and complete business and personal financial statement may be required, as well as consent to use information from public sources and credit reports.

-Bonds are tightly related to personal guarantees from business owners and their spouses, regardless of whether involved in daily operations or not. Spouses are very often required to sign the indemnity agreement as well as owners/officers.

-Original signatures and full payment of premium due are required before any bond can be issued.

- If you are using Power of Attorney to sign the bond for someone else, please keep in mind that it can only be done on the Bond itself - you cannot sign for another person on the application for a bond.

-Bond premiums cannot be credited back or refunded should your bond cancel or terminate midterm.

If you have any questions about our bonding program, please do not hesitate to contact us. We reserve the right to refuse services to prospective clients that do not meet the requirements of our bonding programs.

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