Supplemental Products

Supplemental programs are designed to assist with an individual’s specific needs and make a great stand-alone. They also compliment employee benefit programs and are highly customizable, which means they can fit any lifestyle or budget.

Supplemental Health Benefits  

Most people think of dental and vision plans when they think of supplemental medical products. While we understand the importance of having access to these programs, supplemental health programs can also assist with cost of living expenses, putting cash in an individual’s pocket if they are ill or injured to help with:

·    Mortgage or Rent

·    Utility bills and other household expenses

·    Food, clothing and other necessities

·    Childcare and transportation expenses

·    Copayments

·    Health costs not covered under other plans

·    Travel and lodging expenses for treatment


Disability plans are the most widely known type of supplemental policy. They pay cash benefits to an individual while out of work, whether due to an illness or injury, so they can continue to provide
the money their family needs to stay comfortable.

*AFLAC is one type of disability product that we offer*


Accident plans are designed to be used when someone has sustained an injury and benefits are paid based on the severity and placement as well as type and frequency of treatments. Money can be used to cover out of pocket expenses as well as


Hospitalization plans help protect against the additional cost due to a hospitalization; including benefits for overnight stays, diagnostic exams and surgeries.

Catastrophic Illness

Heart attacks, strokes and cancer are all examples of catastrophic illnesses, which can devastate a family, both emotionally and financially. Supplemental catastrophic plans can help take the financial burden off of a family’s shoulders so they can focus on the healing process.

Occupation Accident

Many people are not covered by workers compensation either because you are a single owner-operator or in some states independent contractors cannot be covered under contracting Employer’s Workers Compensation policy. A portion of workers compensation premium is calculated to cover legal expense and employer’s liability. Small independent contractors do not have the exposure of suing themselves so why would you pay for what you are not going to use? That doesn’t mean you are protected from the risk of an injury or illness due to your job duties.

An occupational accident plan provides benefits when on the job including accidental medical expense, disability and death benefits. It is cost effective and protects personal assets of the owner of the policy. Accidental medical expense coverage of our plans start from $300,000 per accident and can be extended to $1,000,000 with up to $2,000,000 lifetime limit.

Contact our office to determine whether you qualify for this very affordable package.

Legal Plans

Whether it is for document review or preparation or complex legal matters, businesses and individuals often need legal advice. Legal plans are available at a monthly fee with access to a network of certified professionals. Whether you are fighting a traffic ticket, preparing your will or incorporating, a legal plan can provide a safety net, ensuring you have access to the help you need, when you need it.

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