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***ABSOLUTELY PHENOMENAL INSURANCE PROVIDER*** Our company has very unique insurance needs; we operate in across North America in multiple industries with very specific requirements. We're growing rapidly therefore are constantly adjusting our insurance accordingly. In addition, I am very particular and require expedited turn around times; not exactly the easiest client to insure. I contacted numerous brokerages/companies looking for a solution. It reached a point where cost became the least important factor; I simply needed a solution. Not only was Choice One Insurance the only company that sourced a complete solution for us, they had the lowest premium. The level of customer service offered by Choice One Insurance and Andrey is exceptional. Communicating with them is easy and replies are prompt. They take the time to understand each of my requirements and offer competitive solutions accordingly. They make insurance simple. I encourage you to give them a opportunity to earn your business.

I would like to take this time to extend my thanks to Sergiy Shulik for all the hard work that he had done to help with my claim dealing with the loss of my trailer back in November.  He was truly my Rock at times dealing with the other insurance company.  Even thou I had to turn this loss over to my Attorney to recover my losses.  He was truly a great asset when he was helping me.  You truly have a wonderful Employee and a valuable asset to your team.


Once again Thank You

Ron Gaylord, Gaylord Excavation & Trucking, Inc., (received via email)

We had been searching for commercial and cargo insurance for 2 weeks, each company we contacted informed us it would take at least a week to just get a quote, let alone an extra few days to process paperwork, etc. And at the end they would quote us outrageous prices. I stumbled upon Choice One Insurance in a Russian magazine, and it honestly was a miracle. I contacted Ed around noon and by 5pm we had insurance that same day! We couldn't be happier with our experience with Choice One Insurance. 

"My name is Larissa Repina. My family and I needed Health Insurance but did not know where to go. We received a call from Choice One Insurance Inc. and they offered their help. Andrey Shulik, the president of the company helped us fill out all the necessary paperwork. With his help my family was able to receive free medical insurance. I am very thankful to Andrey. "

"I have been working with Choice One Insurance agency lead by Andrey Shulik for 4 years. During this time we were able to work together on several difficult matters which were resolved quickly and in good faith. I was positively impressed with the attitude of Choice One’s employees to my business and would want to continue this productive relationship in the future."

"I have been using services of Andrey Shulik and his team for the last 4 years and we are very pleased with their work. People of Choice One Insurance are well-minded and offer highly professional services that make clients like us want to maintain this relationship for many more years and recommend to others."

"It is my pleasure to recommend the insurance services of Choice One Insurance, Inc. to you. During the past five years, I have worked directly with Andrey Shulik, President, and Pamela Vandenberg, Accounts Manager.

The company offers top-notch, quality customer service, and I am always pleased with their work. When I call to add a certificate holder to my policy or make changes to my equipment and/or coverage, I always receive prompt, courteous service.

Please, consider Choice One Insurance, Inc. for all your insurance needs. I recommend them and look forward to working with them each year."

"I met Andrey in 2006 when I decided to start my own business. After 6 years of using his company's services the only thing I wish to say is "thank you" for great work, empathy, and for all help I received. I am happy with services I've been receiving all this time and look forward to continuing partnership in the future."

 "For heart-centered help with the new health insurance landscape -or for ANY of your insurance needs, I HEARTILY recommend Kendra Pink!!! She goes above and beyond in many ways... helping me understand everything, making it all SO EASY, even helping me with unrelated issues (and more), all for FREE. With Kendra's help I am saving thousands of dollars and getting better coverage."

"Deciding who is deserving of handling the insurance that covers a business, a family, autos and many other things central to modern living is complicated. Many people do not fully understand the what lies behind the premiums they are required to pay. Understanding such issues is left to professionals. These professionals need to be trustworthy, accessible, knowledgeable, and fair. Andrey and his staff at "Choice One" are all of these things. I think it is fair to say few, if any of us have actually read our insurance policies. Too often we discover what is or isn't covered when it is too late. Choice One specializes in trucking with the personal touch and care that you won't find in many agencies. This is in the "good" times and in the "bad" when it is really necessary. Whatever your insurance needs, these guys are far and above the other guys."

"I have had the opportunity to work with Andrey Shulik for the last several years. I would highly recommend him to any transportation profession looking for help with Risk Management.

I know Andrey operates with the highest degree of honesty and integrity. He constantly works at his profession to keep himself ahead of the latest changes within his industry and provide his customers the best possible products and service."

"I'm working for the Company where we are required to have Occupational Accident insurance. At first, I did not believe that this insurance will be needed at all, and I also thought that we pay a little high.

Once I had to be in Wisconsin where it was snowing. It was slippery too. I needed to park my rig by the shipping dock, and needed a little higher speed to roll over the bump to back-up to the dock. Snow covered the hole that was right on my way (shipping company did not bother to plow snow away from the lot) so that my trailer got into the hole and my back was thrown to the seat while being twisted as I watched the rear of my trailer - this caused pretty bad pain in my back.

When I came back home, I saw chiropractor for series of treatment - didn't pay a dime out of my pocket because it was covered on my occupational accident policy. My agent, Choice One Insurance, helped me to file a claim and I did not have to fight every visit's bill. I am very much pleased with treatment that I received from my agency, doctor, and insurance company."

"This Company provides great service at comparative rates"

"Diligence, integrity, professionalism, care."

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