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At Choice One Insurance, we’ve always differentiated ourselves as a Transportation Insurance provider. Strictly regulated with a wide diversity of operations and higher risks, commercial transportation demands careful consideration and in-depth knowledge not only about general tort law but also various liabilities arising out of regulations and contracts that Carriers, Shippers, Brokers, and Forwarders sign on an everyday basis.

As a Transportation Services customer, you will receive the unique level of support available only from agents who truly specialize in your business. Our qualified agents can help you, whatever specifics your risk are.


The term “trucking” usually is used to describe transportation of goods or passengers by an automobile for profit. It is not the type or size of an auto that determines whether the firm is a “trucker” or not, but rather if the business gets paid for transportation services. Several main characteristics of the business will determine licensing requirements and levels of financial responsibility that a Trucker has to satisfy. Those characteristics include inter- or intrastate operations; whether the trucker transports non-owned goods, owned goods only, or a combination; if the trucker operates autos registered for gross weight over 10,000 pounds; whether or not trucker hauls hazardous materials; and many other factors.
Usual coverage for a Trucker includes Auto and General Liability, Motor Cargo Legal Liability, and Auto Physical Damage insurance. Depending on the circumstances, a Trucker may also consider Workers Compensation coverage, Occupational Accident insurance, Business Personal Property insurance, Garage liability with Garage keeper’s coverage, and several other programs specific to business operations.
The Federal and State Government usually refers to Truckers as Motor Carriers. Smaller truckers that do not have their own authority to haul property or transport passengers are generally referred to as Registrants.
There is a lot to consider in finding the right coverage for your operations. Insurance programs vary significantly between Companies and channels of distribution– a policy by the same insurance company purchased from different insurance wholesalers or program managers may be very, very different. There is no one size fits all type ‘package’ and no assumptions about coverage should be made, so please be careful. Ensure that your agent understands what you absolutely must have, what is less important, and what is totally prohibited, and make yourself familiar with the terms before making a purchase decision.

Freight Brokers and Forwarders

The range of services provided by businesses described as Freight (Cargo) Brokers and Freight Forwarders is very wide and has vague edges. Both classes arrange for transportation on behalf of others. Initially, Freight Forwarders are meant to represent the Shipper of cargo and arrange for transportation by different means, including rail, road, and air; issue bills of lading or airway bills; store, consolidate, distribute shipments, and other services. 
Freight Brokers, on the other hand, represent Transporters or Truckers and usually arrange for transportation by auto and road only. Some enterprises obtain multiple licenses to enable themselves to act in several capacities. Freight Forwarders and Freight Brokers usually do not operate on a for-hire basis, instead, they hire authorized Motor Carriers to perform the delivery.
While real-life circumstances still take a very important part in risk of Forwarders and Brokers, their main exposure lays within contractual and vicarious liability accepted in everyday operations. There are very specific non-standardized products and services that the insurance industry has developed for such operations. Unless your agent has a very strong knowledge base about various legal issues with contracts and specific procedures a Freight Broker or Forwarder has to follow, we recommend that you find yourself a specialist like Choice One Insurance.

Towing Companies

From simple single tow-truck operations to a more complex mix of towing/dealer/repossession/roadside mechanic operations, Choice One Insurance has options for you. Not only we try our best to educate clients on the somewhat ambiguous terms in Garage and Tow insurance but we also make it easier for you to understand your risk and prepare well for the unexpected by procuring correct coverage.
Too often we see wrong or incomplete policies procured by business owners. As professionals, we call it our duty to defend what’s important to you with knowledge and information in order for you to make informed decisions.

Taxi Cabs and Black Cars

They look the same as that auto in your drive way but they are NOT the same. It is no longer a commute ride or pleasure trip for a taxi company – it is a business, and it is the Company’s livelihood. You may find once that there are slightly over a handful of companies in your state that are willing to offer coverage for this type of operation. Due to the very informal nature of daily operations and high turnover of customers, taxi cab companies experience much higher exposure losses though passengers, their belongings, the driver, and the cab itself. This explains why insurers are very selective of the risk they are willing to insure and the specific business information they require from their insured clients.
Choice One Insurance is ready to work with your fleet to develop an insurance program designed to provide maximum protection at affordable prices for responsible business owners.

Limousine Services

Luxury livery services require luxury insurance to minimize downtime and respond to the coverage needs of those who take care of special events and high-profile clients. Experienced small to mid-size fleets will enjoy working with Insurers who understand that. Our job is to put your coverage with top-notch insurance carriers who focus on servicing this very special class.

Delivery Firms / Parcel Services

Parcel services bring a lot to local communities through small package delivery, home delivery (including food) and appliance delivery and installation. Substantial differences arise between regional and long haul transporters. Because of the special class that delivers such a personal service, your firm has unique needs in protection from the consequences of accidental negligence while entering the premises of your clients. We have markets to search for this protection on your behalf. Tell us what you do, and let us find you coverage that will minimize your out-of-pocket expenses in the event of a loss.

Dealers and Automotive Repair/Maintenance

There is still a lot of confusion as to what the fancy insurance terms Garage, Garagekeepers, Open Lot, and Other-Than-Auto coverage mean, but not for us. Various scenarios and a mix of operations determine the recommended coverage options that may include Garage Liability with or without Broadened coverage, Garagekeepers  Liability, Open Lot, Business Auto, Business Personal Property, Workers Compensation, etc.
Whatever your situation is, Choice One Insurance has options for you.

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