What We Do

Choice One Insurance is an independent insurance agency with a niche specialization in small businesses, with particular expertise in the transportation field. With extensive investment in key-staff education, it is each member's priority to focus on the success of our clients- this is what sets us aside from those who call us their competition. 

What Future Customers Should expect when contacting us: 

We listen to your needs and are ready to offer solutions as long as you know what is that you want to do. It helps a lot when a business owner has a business-plan. 

We ask questions. Yes we do, a lot! This is to determine the correct insurance product and design a program tailored to your specific needs. 

We want to partner with you for many years, focusing on business operations and ways to minimize your risks permanently, not just this year. Although we are happy to save you premium money, we do not position ourselves as a low quality bargain store. We place value over price and expect our clients to follow recommendations for the sole purpose of maximizing your protection and increasing your bottom line. 

We provide great support when you have a loss - guidance through the claim process that helps you settle the claim 10-20 days earlier than average while making sure you receive a fair settlement.

Questions to ask when considering Choice One Insurance for your insurance partner:

When does your current insurance agent open in the morning?

We open at 7 AM PST to start issuing certificates of insurance as early as possible, usually 1-2 hours earlier than our competitors.

Has your agent invested their time to learn about your business? Or did simply ask you a dozen shallow questions and thrown a dollar figure to you to figure out what’s covered and what’s not?

If you received a one-page proposal that only lists a few words and a bunch of numbers that’s a red flag that should make you ask lots of questions, especially what exactly is (or isn’t!) covered by those numbers. It’s not the limits that make your insurance program worth looking at, but the terms and the insurance carrier.

How long does it take for your insurance agent to issue proof of insurance?

   We keep out response time as close to “zero” as possible (usually 5-10 minutes) thus enabling our clients to pick up an important load and not wait for hours at the dock.

Does your insurance agent hold your hand and guide you through the claim process, or do you just get referred an “800” number?

  It has always within our philosophy to provide you with personal assistance during the hardest times – after the loss. With this in mind we have dedicated part of our team to help you, our most valuable asset, to get back on   your feet as quickly and with as pleasant experience as possible.

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