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Choice One Insurance, Inc

9111 SE St Helens St
Clackamas, OR 97015

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About Choice One Insurance, Inc

Who We Are

Thank you for taking the time to learn more about Choice One Insurance, Inc. We are an independent insurance agency headquartered in Clackamas, Oregon with a service location in North Portland conveniently located in the main building of Jubitz Travel Center. Our multi-lingual support team can service you in Russian, Ukrainian, Spanish and English.

Originally a part of the specialty insurance agency Derek Todd & Associates, we opened our doors in 2003 and then gained our independence in the fall of 2010; continuing in the tradition of old-school business dealings. We believe that honesty, trust, professionalism, and integrity are the core of any successful business, and implementing innovative technology and a customer-first approach gives us a great advantage over the competition. We build strong long-lasting partnerships with our customers, always on the look out to bring them new products at affordable rates.

It has always been our personal and corporate goal to provide our clients with the very best service, insurance knowledge, and the most competitive pricing. Over the years our agency has surrounded itself with knowledgeable service representatives and commercial agents that specialize in business insurance; maintaining a focus on the transportation and construction fields.

What future customers should expect when contacting us:

  • Attentive listening to your needs and a willingness to offer solutions. It helps a lot when a business owner has a business plan!
  • Questions. We ask lots of questions. We do this to determine the correct insurance product and design a program tailored to your needs.
  • Professionalism and courtesy. We want to partner with you for many years, not just this year. While we are happy to save you money- we do not place price over value and expect our clients to follow recommendations for the sole purpose of minimizing risk, maximizing protection and increasing the bottom line.
  • Great support. When you have a loss, we will always provide guidance through the claim process- helping you to close the claim 10-20 days earlier than average while making sure you receive a fair settlement.

Questions you should ask when considering Choice One as your insurance partner:

1) How much time has my current agent taken to learn about my business?

Have you ever worked with an agent that asked you just a few questions and then gave you a dollar figure- most often pleasingly low? If you have ever received a short proposal that only lists a few words and numbers, that's a red flag that should make you ask your agent a lot of questions. Especially what is (and isn't) covered. It is not the limits and the price that make your insurance worth looking at, it is the terms and the carrier. Here we will always take the time to make sure we understand your risks so you aren't left with a gap in your coverage.

2) How long does it take for me to get proof of insurance? When do I need my agent throughout the day?

We open at 7 AM PST to start issuing certificated as early as possible, this is usually 1-2 hours before other agencies. At Choice One, we keep our response times as close to zero as we can (usually it is minutes!). That enables our clients to pick up an important load and not miss an opportunity or wait for hours at the dock.

3) What do I expect from my agent at the time of a claim?

If you would prefer to be referred to a 1-800 number, we are not the agency for you. In fact, it is our philosophy to support you with personal assistance during the hardest times- after a loss. With this in mind, we have dedicated part of our team to help you, our most valuable asset, get back on your feet as quickly as with as pleasant an experience as possible.


Choice One Insurance Team

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