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Life Insurance in Oregon

Life insurance is a contract whereby the insurer and insured make an agreement, in return for a sum of money to the insurer, that is paid to beneficiaries if the insured meets an untimely death. At the end of the contract, the insured or his beneficiaries can recover the sums invested, which is increased by any gains and reduced costs.

The Initiated Contract

After the contract has been initiated and payment is made every month, the insured has to continue to pay, or the contract will be null and void. However, the insured has the right to terminate the contract or make withdrawals from it at any time.

Good Investment

Life insurance is a good investment for everyone, as long as you are alive. Choice One Insurance Inc. in Clackamas, OR has a wide range of options for people who want to get life insurance. No matter what state you live in, you can contact our company to learn about all the products and services.

The Advantages

Life insurance, as a whole, offers many advantages. It allows you to build up capital over the long term. After a few years, you can withdraw your capital, i.e., close your contract and withdraw the money deposited, plus net interest. However, you are not guaranteed to get back your entire stake. Life insurance also offers the possibility of supplementing one's income, particularly for retirement, by regular withdrawals or transforming your capital into a life annuity. Finally, life insurance is an excellent tool for transmitting wealth thanks to favorable taxation and great freedom in beneficiaries' choice.

Contact Us Today

There are different life insurance products, including whole life, premium term life, universal, medically underwritten term, variable universal, accidental death, and permanent life. You don't have to live in the state of Oregon to have a team of professionals help you decide which life insurance is right for you. Contact us today for safer future, for better life!

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