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Motor Carrier Defender in Oregon

Undoubtedly, the Transportation segment of the U.S. economy is a very unique and complex place to be in. Powered by transportation service providers of all kinds, the Motor Carriers of Property and Passengers are at the heart of this mechanism. While represented by a long list of large corporations, the transportation marketplace still depends on small and medium-sized trucking and bus companies to provide flexible, reliable, readily available, and cost-effective services. In a highly regulated environment that constantly changes due to frequent legislative updates, technological improvements, consumer market changes, and other factors, Truckers and Bus Operators need to make sure their risk management plan is tuned correctly and provides effective support.

Our Motor Carrier Defender program is designed to identify hazards, reveal hidden exposures, and protect from potential losses while accounting for past experience, current risk tolerance, and plans for the future. It helps to realize that there is no such thing as an “uninsured loss”. Every loss has a cost associated with it and someone always has to pay. Whether you realize or don’t realize your risk, we will help you understand it better and prepare for the time of need. Our unique approach in creating an individually tailored program and use of various tools combined with abundant experience, higher education about risk and insurance, specialty coverage and services, and strong relationships with insurance underwriters is quite refreshing in a world of off-the-shelf one-size-fits-all marketing. We want to have a productive and efficient relationship with you so let’s begin with having an open-minded conversation about what you do and your goals.

Our client base consists of successful businesses who are long-haul, regional, and local truckers; transporters of freight of almost any kind from sand/asphalt/gravel to automobiles and boats to construction materials to fresh produce to containerized freight; charter buses and luxury vehicle transportation for hire; freight brokers and operators of terminals and transportation hubs; truckload and less-than-truckload carriers; fleets of size from a single cargo van to 100 owned or leased extra-heavy trucks.

Our product line is broad and the Proposal will depend on the individual needs of every client. It may include Commercial Auto Liability and Physical Damage, Commercial General Liability, Commercial Umbrella, Motor Truck Cargo, Contingent Liability, Workers Compensation, Business Real Estate and Business Personal Property, coverage for Terminals, Occupational Accident Insurance, Voluntary Benefits for your employees, and other lines of coverage.

Learn about our Owner-Operator Defender program and other Small Business Insurance services.

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