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Contractor Defender in Oregon

We rely on Construction Contractors to provide quality, sustainable, and aesthetically satisfying living spaces, business premises, and infrastructure. Beyond knowledge, experience, and skills, a modern General Contractor is required to wear many hats and be a little bit of everything - a designer, a team builder, a marketing person, a material engineer, an accountant, and a salesperson. While the industry experiences higher demands on the speed of construction and cost-effectiveness, legal pressure remains. We have to admit that proper contracting and meaningful documentation are rarely on the contractor’s list of top priorities.

Trade contractors take care of almost every aspect of our everyday life, you are a specialist in your profession and providing reliable services while maintaining excellent customer experiences seems to be the key to success. This is especially true in the world of online search engines and publicly available customer ratings.

On another note, a job site is a place of increased hazards that requires higher awareness of surroundings, care, and due diligence to provide a safe workspace for everyone. This is why it is very important to have every new employee go through thorough safety orientation as well as maintaining regular meetings and providing constant reminders of what it takes to stay safe.

In searching for insurance protection, contractors often seek easily adjustable and broadly acceptable coverage forms, fast delivery of certificates, advice about filling the gaps in coverage, and affordability of coverage to maintain a competitive edge when bidding on a new project. Through many years of providing quality coverage for contractors, we came up with a list of several main issues often found in contractors’ current risk management programs:

  • Misclassified insurance rating
  • Inaccurate exposures
  • Faulty service contracts
  • Misclassified workers (employees v. independent contractors issue, leased and temporary workers)
  • Omitted important coverage the contractor did not even know can be purchased
  • Slow delivery of certificates of insurance that takes anywhere from several days to several weeks rather than a few minutes to several hours
  • Coverage limitations due to variance in policy forms that create gaps
  • Misunderstood or misinterpreted terms

Choice One Insurance’s Contractor Defender is designed to be flexible, provide adjustable limits, comprehensive coverage options, and proper rating when it comes to providing coverage for your construction or trade business. We do not take protecting our clients' livelihoods lightly and you should not either. While staying continuously competitive in many classes and trades, we have always put the well-being of our partners-clients at the top.

Our product line is broad and the Proposal will depend on the individual needs of every client. It may include Commercial General Liability, Business Auto coverage, Commercial Umbrella, Contractor’s Tools and Business Personal Property, Builder’s Risk, Workers Compensation, Vacant Property, Voluntary Benefits for your employees, and other lines of coverage.

Learn about our Small Business Insurance services and Personal Lines protection for your Families.

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