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Condo Insurance in Oregon

Insuring Your Condo

Just as with any home, your Oregon condo needs to be thoroughly insured for both damage and liability. If you have a new condo and need it to be insured or are looking for better insurance, give us a call at Choice One Insurance Inc. in Clackamas, OR.

Liability and Your Condo

All condo insurance includes liability coverage for accidents and other mishaps that happen in your home. Your condo board may have minimums that they want you to keep, while the bank may require a different amount. When you do get coverage, it isn't exactly like homeowners' insurance. Instead of covering your home inside and out, it focuses on the inside. The outside is generally not your property, with a few exceptions. It belongs to the condo board and is insured by them. If you were to improve the outside of the condo, that update would need to be insured and maintained by you.

Condo Coverage

Another main portion of your condo insurance is for damage that occurs to the inside of the property. Your agent should read your specific condo agreements so that it's clear which portion is for you to maintain and insure. You can also have an insurance agent look at your current coverage to see whether it's what you need and enough to help protect your future. If you don't have much coverage, it may be time to raise your coverage or shop for a new condo policy altogether.

Talk to an Agent

If you want to keep your Oregon home protected, call us at Choice One Insurance Inc. in Clackamas, OR. We can help you understand just which portion of your condo needs to be insured and how much coverage you really need to keep your financial future safer. Please make an appointment to talk to one of our helpful agents and get the coverage your home needs.

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