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Renters Insurance in Oregon

Did you know that the home insurance that the owner of your home has does not cover your personal belongings if you are a renter? You must not only insure your personal property against, among other things, fire, theft, and vandalism but also protect yourself in the event of damage caused by third parties. You would be covered for the cost of replacing or repairing your belongings if your rental was broken into and vandalized while you are away. You should seriously consider rental insurance and not wait until something happens. Choice One Insurance Inc. in Clackamas, OR offers affordable renters’ insurance for those around the state.

Your Accommodations

When you rent an apartment for ongoing accommodations, you are legally obliged to take out at least one rental liability guarantee, also called rental risk insurance. Indeed, if you don’t insure your rental, the landlord could terminate your lease. The vast majority of owners will also require the delivery of a home insurance certificate as proof when signing the rental lease. If you live in the state of Oregon and thinking about renting someone’s home, then it is time to start looking at rental insurance.

Seasonal Rental

If you have a seasonal rental in Oregon, you are not obligated to get rental insurance. Still, if this is an apartment, house, or condo where you live daily, it is recommended that you get rental insurance.

Rental Liability

Rental liability insurance covers material damage that you may cause to the building you occupy. Still, it does not cover your property and does not insure damage caused to a third party. This is why most home tenant insurance offers additionally:

  • Protection against neighbor and third party damages
  • Guaranteed property damage covers your furniture, your hi-fi equipment, your valuables, or other important assets.

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Choice One Insurance Inc. in Clackamas, OR is equipped with the knowledge, expertise, and a team of professionals ready to help you set up your rental liability insurance. Contact us today.

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