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Umbrella Insurance in Oregon

Understanding Umbrella Coverage

It's always good for your peace of mind to have enough insurance, but how do you know when you have enough? Many people choose home and auto insurance policies that offer them little in the way of liability coverage. That's why so many people in Oregon supplement their insurance with an umbrella policy. If you aren't sure that you need an insurance supplement, contact us at Choice One Insurance Inc. in Clackamas, OR.

Liability and Auto Insurance

One of the main areas that you have to have good liability coverage is for your vehicle. The cost of accidents and medical bills can be so high that it's vital for your future that you have a good amount of liability coverage in case of an accident. Often, auto insurance policies are written just to keep your coverage legal rather than taking into account how much lawsuits can cost these days. If you don't have much liability auto insurance, an umbrella policy will give you more. It works by allowing your auto policy to max out and then paying above that amount up to the max on the umbrella policy.

Liability and Home Insurance

Like with autos, homes are another place that accidents are common. That's why every homeowners' policy will have some liability coverage, though it may not be enough to save your financial future if a serious accident should occur. An umbrella policy acts much the same way as it does with auto insurance, adding to the liability coverage when needed. An umbrella policy covers liability for both home and auto, so just one policy offers a lot of coverage for your biggest assets- your home and your vehicle.

Getting Your Policy

If you want better peace of mind and more protection for your future in Oregon, call us at Choice One Insurance Inc. in Clackamas, OR. We can go over your existing policies and let you know what an umbrella policy can do for you.

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