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Owner-Operator Protector in Oregon

“If You Got It, a Truck Brought It”. Simple words don’t necessarily mean it’s that simple to be an owner-operator trucker. You love life on the road, and you love your steel-n-rubber partner. Together you are a team with near 500-HP under the hood. You rely one each another, you care for each other, and you handle the toughest job cutting through all weather conditions so the rest of the world can enjoy everything they’ve got around them. Thank you!

While some Motor Carriers offer decent options to protect your truck, your trailer, and the main part of your rig – You – often, the choices are limited down to none. You don’t get to pick an insurance company, or deductible, or what’s included in your “package”, or your insurance advisor; and many value-added features are not even there. Every deduction from your settlement check came at the “average” cost that you did not get to vote for. While you are grateful to your Motor Carrier for their trouble of getting you covered, you should know that you have options. You just need to start seeing yourself as a business and get a grip on your own protection.

The benefits of our Owner-Operator Protector is in the good amount of attention we give you when reviewing your equipment, what you do, and how you contract with your Motor Carrier. Do you realize that most smaller fleets use the “copy-paste” method to create their contracts with owner-operators instead of having a true transportation lawyer draft it to be suitable for your state and county?

What about your personal belongings? Will your current Motor Carrier-provided policy cover thousands in the loss of your belongings or will the policy cover repairs only and not towing or downtime? And deductibles… How many times have you seen deductibles of $5,000 and higher? Every time the owner-operator needs to file a claim they have to face the opposition. The Motor Carriers need to keep their loss experience clean so they understandably promote higher deductibles.

Equipment and personal property aside, how will your medical expenses and lost earnings be covered if you or your co-driver are injured? Due to the independent contractor status, the owner-operator is not entitled to compensation from the Motor Carrier’s Workers Compensation policy, so, who is going to supply food to your table and pay your medical bills while you cannot work?

But don’t worry – you have options. Let us help you make an informed decision in creating your tailored protection plan.

Learn about our Motor Carrier Defender program if you plan to get your own hauling authority or review information about protecting your Family.

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