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Understanding High Risk Occupations and Occupational Insurance

Occupational insurance in Portland, OR can provide employees and their employers with protection in case an injury occurs while on the job. This type of insurance is different from general life insurance or workers’ compensation. There are certain occupations that are categorized as more dangerous than others which will affect what type and how much occupational insurance a person or company may need to carry.

What Occupations Are Considered Dangerous?

There are many occupations that are at higher risk of accidents occurring or being involved in other types of dangerous situations. Some jobs, such as working as a police officer, may involve being subjected to violent situations. The following are several occupations that are normally considered high-risk.

  • Law Enforcement
  • First Responders
  • Construction Workers
  • Firefighters
  • Delivery Driving
  • Semi-truck Driving
  • Aviation Jobs
  • Military Personnel

What Types of Occupational Insurance are Available?

Occupational Accident insurance is available to cover both contractors and employees. It’s important to note that the state of Oregon does not require independent contractors to carry Workers’ Compensation coverage. Whether you have Worker’s Comp insurance or not, you may need to add occupational insurance to make sure you or any employees you may have are covered for any type of accident or incident that might occur while on the job. Some types of occupational insurance may also cover accidental death and provide benefits for survivors who are covered by the policy.

How Can Choice One Insurance Inc. Help?

When looking for insurance near Portland, OR, you’ll want to talk to Choice One Insurance Inc. Our team provides a variety of insurance options for different types of businesses. If you need occupational insurance, contact a representative at Choice One Insurance Inc. today for more information.

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