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When Does it Make Sense to Buy Cargo Insurance?

Have you ever shipped something across the country and wanted to ensure the protection of that valuable? If so, cargo insurance is the product you need to be considering. Working with our team at Choice One Insurance Inc. we are here to help you understand the cargo insurance product. We can assist folks in Portland, OR or anywhere else in the United States. Whether it is education for consideration of cargo insurance or to buy the product outright, you need to know what it is, the coverage you need, and more.

Understanding Cargo Insurance

Cargo insurance provides a lot of value in the event that you are doing shipment of a variety of different products. Think about cargo insurance as protection for shipments. When you are shipping something valuable, cargo insurance is going to protect you from loss, damage, or theft while that item is in transit.

When shipping, cargo insurance starts with coming up with the value of those items. What is it that you are shipping and what is the value of it? Can it easily be replaced and if so what is the replacement cost? What would it cost you to replace it if it was stolen, damaged, or lost? Cargo insurance has limits in place to provide you with that give you these various protections.

Considering Cargo Insurance? Talk to Professionals!

Our team of professionals at Choice One Insurance Inc. is in a position to help you understand the value of cargo insurance. What it can help you with in regard to giving peace of mind when shipping items any distance. We are here to assist you whether shipping to or from Portland, OR and abroad, so consider cargo insurance whenever the need exists.

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