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What Is Cargo Insurance, and Why Do You Need it?

Cargo insurance is also referred to as freight insurance. It is coverage to protect your loss and damage while your item is in transit. Choice One Insurance Inc. serves Portland, OR and the surrounding region with quality insurance services, and we are happy to answer any questions you may have about your insurance needs in all aspects of your life.

Why Do You Need Cargo Insurance?

The simple answer to why you need cargo insurance is for the protection of your assets and reputation. Anyone who is shipping something of value can protect their risk of loss with cargo insurance. If you run a company that relies on timely delivery of intact quality goods, then cargo insurance is practically priceless because your good name is on the line at the whim of all the things that can go awry in shipment. 

The distance your shipment has to travel, the more often you ship, and the higher the value of your item all increase the need for quality cargo insurance. It is an add-on you can legally skip, but it is also affordable and easy to purchase, so why would you? Cargo insurance can be per shipment if you only occasionally ship precious cargo, or you can get an annual cargo insurance policy if you often ship similar items from your business. 

Give Us A Call

Contact us at Choice One Insurance Inc. for more information about cargo insurance and any other insurance need you may have in the Portland, OR area. We love to support local business owners with the insurance policies needed to keep things running smoothly, even in stormy conditions. 

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