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Knowing What Home Insurance is Right for First-Time Home Buyers

Home insurance is a crucial coverage option for all homeowners, but many first-time buyers may be confused about their options. That’s why we at Choice One Insurance Inc. strive to provide Portland, OR, with a better understanding of these options and how they impact their home coverage.

What You Must Know About Home Insurance 

Buying home insurance for the first time is a lot like buying a car insurance policy when you first learn how to drive. You will not know much about the different policies, what they cover, and how companies set them up for you. Typically, there are a few additional steps that you need to take before you buy a policy. Here are a few that we suggest to all of our clients:

  • Start looking for policies at least a week to a month before you close 
  • Hire an insurance appraiser to examine the quality of the home 
  • Find a policy that helps cover your home to the fullest level 
  • Pay attention to exclusions and try to minimize their impact 
  • Talk to your agent about the potential deductibles and coverage options 

When you work with some insurers, you may find that they offer a "first-time buyer" discount. This type of savings is designed for people who have never paid insurance before and may be uncomfortable with its demands. Make sure that you also talk to your agent about what types of factors and issues are covered in your policy – usually, it focuses specifically on things that you do not cause.

Buy a Policy for Your Home 

At Choice One Insurance Inc., we can help people in the Portland, OR area find the home insurance policy they need. Our professionals will seek out a policy that makes the most sense for your, balance your policy’s coverage and exclusions, and help to protect you from dangerous loss. 

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