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How Specialty Contractors Insurance Can Safeguard Your Building Projects

There’s no shortage of pitfalls that can suddenly derail your contracting projects and cost you or your client thousands in out-of-pocket expenses. 

Get Specialty Contractor’s Insurance

Without the proper insurance, contractors and stakeholders may be held financially responsible for property damages and other general liabilities that cause project delays or physical injuries on a construction site. Experienced contractors who know that building projects have their fair share of risks and rewards protect their building projects with the best contractor’s insurance. 

The specialty contractor insurance specialists at Choice One Insurance Inc. in Portland, OR can answer your questions about getting a specialty contracting insurance policy and offer you a free quote! 

Why You Need Specialty Contractor Insurance 

Unexpected mishaps can put a financial damper on your building projects that can last for an unspecified period.  Building professionals who invest in insurance are protected from project-related perils like natural disasters or accidents on the job explicitly tailored to your trade. Specialty contractor insurance offers a safeguard to cushion the financial blow of mishaps for project managers and stakeholders. 

Specialty Insurance Coverage

Having customized insurance means that you don’t waste coverage. Specialty contractor insurance policies are designed to cover specific risks related to your projects. 

Financial Loss Protection

Specialty insurance can protect project stakeholders when accidents happen on the job site. Financial loss protections include property protection, bodily injury protection, and general liability coverage. 

Project Continuity

Avoid increased delays, work stoppage, and project setbacks when your specialty insurance policy has provisions for project continuity. 

Construction-based businesses of all sizes can benefit from adding specialty contractor insurance to their financial toolbelts. 

Schedule A Consultation Today!

Don’t wait until the unexpected happens. Talk to our licensed insurance professionals at Choice One Insurance Inc. and get a quote in Portland, OR today!

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