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Commercial Insurance Products for Your Warehouse

Review some commercial insurance products that are designed for business owners. Then, select the coverage types you need to protect your warehouse adequately.

Liability Protection

Liability protection covers you against accidents that occur in your place of business. This type of protection also provides relief if a customer sues you after purchasing a product or service.

Flood Protection

Flood insurance covers water damage caused by a flood and the cost of repairing or replacing materials. This type of insurance coverage is optional. It benefits those who operate a business in a region prone to flooding.

Theft and Vandalism

Theft and vandalism protection will replace items that are stolen or destroyed. If any items are stored inside a warehouse, theft and vandalism protection should be considered seriously. It can prevent monetary loss, allowing a business owner to continue operations as normal.

The Inspection

Before you purchase commercial insurance products, have your warehouse inspected. The inspection will unveil any issues that may necessitate additional protection.

Use your inspection report to guide you in choosing how much insurance coverage to purchase. The inspection should be a professional one that a licensed individual performs. Keep a copy of the results that the inspector provides you with.

An Inventory

Take an inventory of the equipment, products, and other valuable items stored in your warehouse. The number of items you own will likely influence the amount of commercial insurance needed.

Contact Choice One Insurance Inc.

Contact a Choice One Insurance Inc. representative for all your commercial insurance needs. One of our agents serving Clackamas and Portland, OR, can assist with any commercial insurance questions or concerns that have been troubling you. 

Overcoming Supply Chain Risks: Why Portland Businesses Need Cargo Insurance

For businesses based in Portland, OR, cargo insurance is integral to their day-to-day activities. This is where Choice One Insurance Inc. steps in. We help local Portland businesses understand the importance of cargo insurance in their operations. Continue reading to discover more about the significance of cargo insurance for your business.

Consistent Provider Presence

In the event of any hitches, businesses need the reassurance that they are in capable hands and their insurance provider is readily available. With a cargo insurance policy, you’ll enjoy this peace of mind. Companies that don’t consider a provider’s consistent presence essential expose themselves to more challenging circumstances in the future.

Sufficient Coverage

If the cargo’s commercial invoice value is not covered, a business might have to bear the full value if issues arise. Is the policy under consideration littered with exclusions and caveats? If so, it might be a good idea to consider other options. The ideal policy should not only cover the apparent costs but also provide coverage for potential additional expenditures.

Limited Downtime

Businesses without cargo insurance are likely to encounter significant challenges when things go wrong. However, having a cargo insurance policy can speed up the claims process, allowing the business to remain operational. Without such a policy, businesses are left to navigate these complex situations alone.

If you have any more questions or concerns regarding a potential cargo insurance policy, the Choice One Insurance Inc. team is ready to assist. Portland, OR business owners are always welcome to give us a call or stop by our offices. We are ready to help whenever you’re ready to find out more.

Five Road Tested Insurance Strategies for Your Small Truck Delivery Fleet

Protect Your Small Truck Delivery Fleet in Portland, OR

Comprehensive coverage from Choice One Insurance Inc. can protect your fleet from collision-related accidents and non-collision-related events like theft, vandalism, and the aftermath left over from devastating natural disasters and powerful storms.  

#1. Get Comprehensive Coverage

The most foolproof way to protect your small truck delivery fleet from unexpected perils is to get comprehensive insurance coverage for small trucks and delivery vehicles.

#2. Implement Driver Training Programs

Implement driver training programs to help your drivers and employees reduce the number of collisions and mishaps that can happen along their delivery routes. 

#3. Develop Risk Management Protocols

Develop risk management protocols to add a layer of protection to your small truck delivery fleet. Protocols like route planning strategies to avoid high-risk areas, driver security measures, and monitoring local weather conditions can go a long way toward safeguarding your small truck fleet. 

#4. Update Policy Coverage 

Remember to revisit and update your policy coverage as your business scales and takes on new customers and employees. A trusted insurance agent can help you navigate the complexities of small truck delivery fleet insurance and choose the best options based on your current circumstances. 

#5. Protect Your Fleet with Advice from Trusted Professionals 

Please don’t wait until it’s too late to protect your small delivery fleet from unexpected perils. When in doubt – seek advice from trusted local insurance professionals – our team of insurance agents and experts can provide insurance advice and offer you a small truck delivery fleet insurance quote to help you get started. 

Contact the knowledgeable and friendly Choice One Insurance Inc. insurance agents in Portland, OR, to protect your small fleet today! 

Why Your Business Needs Workers’ Compensation Insurance

When you have a business that employs anyone, it’s important to have the coverage of a workers’ compensation insurance policy. These policies are helpful both for you as a business owner and for the employee who works for you. No matter what the number of employees you have is, you’re safer with a workers’ comp policy. Even if this policy wasn’t so helpful, it’s also required for your business by the state. Oregon requires this coverage for any business with any employees, even if they are part-time. 

Protecting Your Business

If one of your employees were to have an accident while at work that included injuries, the result could be some very expensive medical bills. The same is true when an employee comes down with a work-related illness. In either of these cases, your business would likely be liable for paying all of the bills that come as a result of the accident or illness. That’s where workers’ comp insurance comes in. It pays for the medical bills and can even pay for the disability benefits to the employee in cases of serious injuries. A small business in Portland, OR without this coverage could face serious problems if they had to pay huge medical bills. 

Protecting Your Employees

Your employees also benefit from your business having this insurance. With this coverage, they will know that if an accident were to happen, they would be covered. The funds would be made available to pay for the medical bills, treatments, etc. This can give them peace of mind, especially when the business is a small one. This can take away some of their worry so that they perform better. 

Choice One Insurance Inc. Is Here To Help

When your business needs a workers’ comp or other commercial policy, contact us at Choice One Insurance Inc. in Portland, OR to get started. 

Commercial Insurance Vs. LLC

Commercial Insurance and LLCs have slight similarities as they are meant to protect investments and are meant for registered businesses. However, LLCs cover more of the personal side as it separates business from personal affairs. Commercial insurance protects the company by insuring workers, company assets, and investments. 

In Portland, OR and throughout the state, businesses that wish to become Limited Liability Companies should file through the Secretary of State to register their business for the Articles of Organization. From there, getting commercial insurance for additional coverage is a good idea. 

What Does an LLC Cover?

LLCs are registered through the state and offer an Employer Tax ID Number (EIN) for tax purposes that separate them from a Doing Business As (DBA) company. If the company undergoes the litigation process, only the company and the company’s assets are affected. The personal belongings of the business owner, such as home, private vehicle, and other personal belongings, are not affected, and the suing party cannot go after those items. 

What Does Commercial Insurance Cover?

Commercial insurance goes more in-depth when litigation becomes a factor. Workers are covered under Workers’ Comp for work-related injuries. Commercial insurance also covers buildings, facilities, and business vehicles during damage or natural disasters. If a business owner is DBA and not registered as an LLC or INC., personal belongings, and assets may get caught up in litigation.

Get In Touch with Choice One Insurance Inc. 

If you are in the Portland, OR area and have questions or concerns, we can offer commercial insurance for your business. Come and join one of our agents here at Choice One Insurance Inc. to find out more information and find out the benefits of our services. We will be happy to explain how commercial insurance can protect your business. 

What is workers compensation insurance?

Workers’ compensation insurance from Choice One Insurance Inc. is an important form of insurance coverage for employers. It helps protect employers in the Portland, OR area from financial losses in the event of an employee’s illness, injury, or death that occurs during the course of their employment. 

Why Workers’ Compensation?

Workers’ compensation insurance covers a variety of medical costs associated with work-related injuries and illnesses, including medical bills, lost wages, rehabilitation costs, and more. In some cases, it also offers benefits to surviving family members if an employee is killed in a work-related accident or incident. 

For employers, having workers’ compensation insurance provides peace of mind knowing that they are protected in the event of an employee’s injury or illness on the job. It also serves to encourage safe working conditions and practices within an organization as employers strive to avoid potentially costly workplace accidents and incidents. 

For employees, it is a source of comfort to know that your employer cares enough about your well-being to carry it. You can go to work each day and do your best work, knowing that your family will be covered in case an accident occurs. Employees are much more likely to want to work for a company that carries workers’ compensation insurance and then stick with them, than one that doesn’t. In a time of labor shortages, this can be an effective recruiting and retention tool for talent.

Ultimately, workers’ compensation insurance safeguards both employees and employers alike by ensuring that any financial losses due to workplace injuries or illnesses are covered appropriately.

Reach Out To Us

If you have additional questions about your coverage, give us a call at Choice One Insurance Inc. today. We proudly serve the Portland, OR area. 

Who Is Eligible For Occupational Accident Insurance For Commercial Drivers?

Commercial drivers are at a higher risk for occupational accidents than many other professions. As a result, they are often required to have occupational accident insurance to protect themselves and their families in the event of an accident. There are a few different things that can affect whether or not a commercial driver is eligible for this type of insurance. Consult with Choice One Insurance Inc. in Portland, OR for expert insurance advice. 

Eligibility Requirements for Occupational Accident Insurance for Commercial Drivers:

1. The Driver Must Be Employed by a Company That Requires Insurance. 

For a commercial driver to be eligible for occupational accident insurance, their employer must require it. This is typically done to protect the company from liability in the event of an accident.

2. The Driver Must Be Driving a Commercial Vehicle.

 This type of insurance is designed specifically for accidents that occur while operating a commercial vehicle. As such, only drivers of these vehicles are eligible for the coverage.

3. The Driver Must Have a Valid License. 

To be eligible for occupational accident insurance, the driver must have a valid commercial driver’s license. This is necessary to ensure that the driver is properly trained and qualified to operate the vehicle.

4. The Driver Must be a U.S. citizen. 

This type of insurance is typically only available to drivers who are citizens of the United States. This is due to the fact that the coverage is regulated by federal law.

5. The Driver Must Meet the Minimum Age Requirement. 

Most insurers require that drivers be at least 21 years of age to be eligible for occupational accident insurance. This is because younger drivers are considered to be riskier and therefore more likely to be involved in an accident.

6. The Driver Must Have a Clean Driving Record. 

To qualify for this type of insurance, commercial drivers must have a clean driving record. This means that they should not have any accidents or violations on their record. Insurers typically check this by pulling the driver’s Motor Vehicle Report.

Contact Us Today

These are the eight eligibility requirements for occupational accident insurance for commercial drivers. If you meet all of these requirements, then you should be able to get this type of coverage. Contact Choice One Insurance Inc. in Portland, OR today to get started. We can help you find the right policy for your needs and budget.

Are property insurance and commercial insurance the same thing?

If you have questions about how best to protect your Portland, OR area business, get in touch with Choice One Insurance, Inc. We are the commercial insurance specialists who are proud to serve our area. Contact our office today to schedule a consultation. We welcome the opportunity to work with you.

Are property insurance and commercial insurance the same thing?

Typically, commercial property insurance covers most risks like damage due to fire, theft, and natural disasters. The coverage is provided for building structures and equipment. This is a separate type of insurance from that provided by general liability policies. In most cases, companies will carry both of these types of insurance policies and possibly others too.

So, like so many other questions relating to insurance, the answer is a qualified yes. Basically, the two names are interchangeable, with most people saying commercial insurance or property insurance when they mean the same thing. Technically, commercial insurance can refer to many other types of coverage in addition to the property policies that are the most common. 

When it comes to protecting a business or commercial venture, having the right insurance in place is the priority. Specialized coverage needs often call for specialized policies. It is also important to remember that it is highly unlikely to obtain all of the necessary insurance protection a company needs through just one commercial insurance policy.  

Schedule an insurance consultation for your firm today

Choice One Insurance, Inc. is here for business owners and operators in the greater Portland, OR area. When you need your commercial insurance questions answered, we are here for you. Give our office a call today and set up an appointment to discuss the commercial insurance solutions that are available in our area.

4 Questions to Ask an Independent Agent About Commercial Insurance

Do you operate your own business? If you already do, or you’re about to start up a company, it’s crucial that you get just the right insurance to meet your needs. It will benefit you to speak to an agent from Choice One Insurance Inc. of the Portland, OR area to get answers to your questions about commercial insurance. 

Should I Definitely Get Commercial Insurance? 

This is an important question because not all companies require insurance or need it at the same level. If you’ve got property, and you want to protect the value of this in the event of damage or loss, business insurance is ideal.

What Types of Commercial Insurance Should I Have? 

Liability coverage is one of the basic types of policy that you should consider. Other types that would be worthwhile for your business include workers’ compensation, property insurance, commercial auto insurance, and business interruption coverage. 

How Can You Lower Your Premiums? 

Talk to your agent about how you’d be able to lower your premium amount. If your company already makes an effort to reduce risks, such as following fire safety and installing a security system, you’d likely be eligible to get discounts. 

What Are the Policy Limits?

Nearly all policies are going to have limits to them. It’s best that you know beforehand and understands what all the amounts mean. You need to know what to expect, including what your deductible is going to be for your policy. 

Talk to an expert on commercial insurance at Choice One Insurance Inc. of the Portland, OR area. You’ll be grateful that you did when you see how much you can benefit from having a dedicated insurance agent on your side. 

Required Commercial Insurance in Oregon

In Oregon, there are two types of commercial insurance that are required for businesses. Not every business meets the requirements for these insurance types. But if your business does, don’t go without this important coverage. To find out more about the commercial policies that are right for your business, call us now at Choice One Insurance Inc. in Portland, OR.

Workers’ Compensation

In Oregon, every employee of a business has to be covered by a workers’ compensation policy. It doesn’t matter whether the person is full-time or part-time- they must be covered. In the event that someone is injured on the job, or becomes ill there, your workers’ compensation insurance will cover their medical bills as well as any lost wages. This protects your business from having to pay the exorbitant bills that can result from accidents and illnesses. 

Commercial Auto Coverage

If your Oregon business owns a vehicle, state law decrees that it must have a commercial auto insurance policy. That policy must have at least the mandated minimum amount of coverage for bodily injury liability. That includes one amount for a single person who is injured and other amounts for everyone who had injuries from an accident. It is also required for the policy to have at least the minimum amount of property damage liability. Uninsured motorist coverage is also included, with one amount required for a single person being injured and another amount for all of the people who were injured. The law also requires that the policy have personal injury protection. This pays for your medical bills if you are in an accident. 

Get Commercial Coverage

If your business meets the requirements for either of these commercial insurance policies, don’t go without this valuable coverage. Stay legal by getting the required policies. To find out more, contact us at Choice One Insurance Inc. in Portland, OR.

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