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Why Your Business Needs Workers’ Compensation Insurance

When you have a business that employs anyone, it’s important to have the coverage of a workers’ compensation insurance policy. These policies are helpful both for you as a business owner and for the employee who works for you. No matter what the number of employees you have is, you’re safer with a workers’ comp policy. Even if this policy wasn’t so helpful, it’s also required for your business by the state. Oregon requires this coverage for any business with any employees, even if they are part-time. 

Protecting Your Business

If one of your employees were to have an accident while at work that included injuries, the result could be some very expensive medical bills. The same is true when an employee comes down with a work-related illness. In either of these cases, your business would likely be liable for paying all of the bills that come as a result of the accident or illness. That’s where workers’ comp insurance comes in. It pays for the medical bills and can even pay for the disability benefits to the employee in cases of serious injuries. A small business in Portland, OR without this coverage could face serious problems if they had to pay huge medical bills. 

Protecting Your Employees

Your employees also benefit from your business having this insurance. With this coverage, they will know that if an accident were to happen, they would be covered. The funds would be made available to pay for the medical bills, treatments, etc. This can give them peace of mind, especially when the business is a small one. This can take away some of their worry so that they perform better. 

Choice One Insurance Inc. Is Here To Help

When your business needs a workers’ comp or other commercial policy, contact us at Choice One Insurance Inc. in Portland, OR to get started. 

When Does it Make Sense to Buy Cargo Insurance?

Have you ever shipped something across the country and wanted to ensure the protection of that valuable? If so, cargo insurance is the product you need to be considering. Working with our team at Choice One Insurance Inc. we are here to help you understand the cargo insurance product. We can assist folks in Portland, OR or anywhere else in the United States. Whether it is education for consideration of cargo insurance or to buy the product outright, you need to know what it is, the coverage you need, and more.

Understanding Cargo Insurance

Cargo insurance provides a lot of value in the event that you are doing shipment of a variety of different products. Think about cargo insurance as protection for shipments. When you are shipping something valuable, cargo insurance is going to protect you from loss, damage, or theft while that item is in transit.

When shipping, cargo insurance starts with coming up with the value of those items. What is it that you are shipping and what is the value of it? Can it easily be replaced and if so what is the replacement cost? What would it cost you to replace it if it was stolen, damaged, or lost? Cargo insurance has limits in place to provide you with that give you these various protections.

Considering Cargo Insurance? Talk to Professionals!

Our team of professionals at Choice One Insurance Inc. is in a position to help you understand the value of cargo insurance. What it can help you with in regard to giving peace of mind when shipping items any distance. We are here to assist you whether shipping to or from Portland, OR and abroad, so consider cargo insurance whenever the need exists.

All You Need to Know About Small Truck and Delivery Insurance

Small trucks and other delivery vehicles play a significant role in the business world. However, with their crucial role and function comes the need for proper insurance. Choice One Insurance Inc. in Portland, OR is here to help. 

What Should You Know About Small Truck and Delivery Insurance?

  • Coverage types. There are several types of coverage available. They include liability coverage (bodily injury and property damage coverage), cargo insurance (covering goods you are transporting), physical damage coverage (coverage of repairs and replacement of your truck), and uninsured/underinsured motorist coverage (if you are involved in an accident, in which a driver does not have adequate insurance). 
  • Factors affecting the cost of insurance. There are certain factors that determine the cost of your small truck and delivery insurance. They are the size and type of vehicle, driving record, cargo value, and some others. 
  • Shopping and comparing. When you are shopping for this type of insurance, it is important not to settle for the first quote you receive. Shopping around and combating different insurance options will help you find the perfect policy. 

Schedule A Consultation Today

Are you from Portland, OR any other nearby town in Oregon? Are you shopping for small truck and delivery insurance? Choice One Insurance Inc. is here to assist. We are experts in different types of insurance, including small truck and delivery insurance. Do not hesitate to contact us if you want to know more about insurance options or need help in finding the perfect insurance plan. 

How Specialty Contractors Insurance Can Safeguard Your Building Projects

There’s no shortage of pitfalls that can suddenly derail your contracting projects and cost you or your client thousands in out-of-pocket expenses. 

Get Specialty Contractor’s Insurance

Without the proper insurance, contractors and stakeholders may be held financially responsible for property damages and other general liabilities that cause project delays or physical injuries on a construction site. Experienced contractors who know that building projects have their fair share of risks and rewards protect their building projects with the best contractor’s insurance. 

The specialty contractor insurance specialists at Choice One Insurance Inc. in Portland, OR can answer your questions about getting a specialty contracting insurance policy and offer you a free quote! 

Why You Need Specialty Contractor Insurance 

Unexpected mishaps can put a financial damper on your building projects that can last for an unspecified period.  Building professionals who invest in insurance are protected from project-related perils like natural disasters or accidents on the job explicitly tailored to your trade. Specialty contractor insurance offers a safeguard to cushion the financial blow of mishaps for project managers and stakeholders. 

Specialty Insurance Coverage

Having customized insurance means that you don’t waste coverage. Specialty contractor insurance policies are designed to cover specific risks related to your projects. 

Financial Loss Protection

Specialty insurance can protect project stakeholders when accidents happen on the job site. Financial loss protections include property protection, bodily injury protection, and general liability coverage. 

Project Continuity

Avoid increased delays, work stoppage, and project setbacks when your specialty insurance policy has provisions for project continuity. 

Construction-based businesses of all sizes can benefit from adding specialty contractor insurance to their financial toolbelts. 

Schedule A Consultation Today!

Don’t wait until the unexpected happens. Talk to our licensed insurance professionals at Choice One Insurance Inc. and get a quote in Portland, OR today!

What is the Difference between Occupational Accident Insurance and Worker’s Compensation?

Many employers have workers who are considered independent contractors or non-salaried workers.  If they decide to provide work-related accidental injury coverage for them, they could do so by enrolling in an occupational accident insurance policy.  This type of policy helps employers provide medical and financial coverage for their contractors who aren’t covered by a worker’s compensation policy.  At Choice One Insurance Inc. serving Portland, OR, we can help you decide which type of policy is right for you and your business.  Here are a few things you need to know about occupational accident insurance and worker’s compensation.

Difference Between Occupational Accident Insurance & Worker’s Compensation

Occupational Accident Insurance Usually Costs Less than Worker’s Compensation

One of the major differences between the two policies is the cost factor.  In most cases, occupational accident insurance is cheaper for employers than worker’s compensation, with them usually paying 50% less.  It may be best for employers who don’t need a traditional worker’s compensation policy.  However, it doesn’t provide as much coverage for legal expenses as worker’s compensation does.  This means that the employer is financially responsible for any type of legal obligation to an employee.

Worker’s Compensation is More Regulated than Occupational Accident Insurance

Another important thing to know about the differences between the two is that one is mandatory.  In the state of Oregon, employers with employees in their businesses are required to have a worker’s compensation policy.  The Worker’s Compensation Division (WCD) in Oregon oversees programs and services that help with timely medical treatment and account for time-loss benefits to injured workers.  An occupational accident insurance policy is considered to be private and optional for employers.

Contact Our Insurance Agents For More Information

While both occupational accident insurance and worker’s compensation do have similar coverage benefits, both policies do have their differences. If you want more information on which policy is right for your business needs, we can help. Contact our Portland, OR insurance agents at Choice One Insurance Inc. today.

Commercial Insurance Vs. LLC

Commercial Insurance and LLCs have slight similarities as they are meant to protect investments and are meant for registered businesses. However, LLCs cover more of the personal side as it separates business from personal affairs. Commercial insurance protects the company by insuring workers, company assets, and investments. 

In Portland, OR and throughout the state, businesses that wish to become Limited Liability Companies should file through the Secretary of State to register their business for the Articles of Organization. From there, getting commercial insurance for additional coverage is a good idea. 

What Does an LLC Cover?

LLCs are registered through the state and offer an Employer Tax ID Number (EIN) for tax purposes that separate them from a Doing Business As (DBA) company. If the company undergoes the litigation process, only the company and the company’s assets are affected. The personal belongings of the business owner, such as home, private vehicle, and other personal belongings, are not affected, and the suing party cannot go after those items. 

What Does Commercial Insurance Cover?

Commercial insurance goes more in-depth when litigation becomes a factor. Workers are covered under Workers’ Comp for work-related injuries. Commercial insurance also covers buildings, facilities, and business vehicles during damage or natural disasters. If a business owner is DBA and not registered as an LLC or INC., personal belongings, and assets may get caught up in litigation.

Get In Touch with Choice One Insurance Inc. 

If you are in the Portland, OR area and have questions or concerns, we can offer commercial insurance for your business. Come and join one of our agents here at Choice One Insurance Inc. to find out more information and find out the benefits of our services. We will be happy to explain how commercial insurance can protect your business. 

What is the benefit of getting cargo insurance for my business?

The shipping and transportation industry is a very important one that has a lot of presence in the Portland, OR area. If you are in this industry, finding ways to protect the organization is very important. One of the best ways to do this is by getting a cargo insurance plan.

There are various benefits that come with getting this type of coverage here:

Financial Protection for Cargo

One of the key benefits that will come with getting a cargo insurance plan is that it can offer financial protection. When you choose to purchase a cargo insurance plan, it will protect the cargo that is being stored or transported. This way, if you are a victim of theft, vandalism, fire, or another risk, having cargo coverage will be helpful as it will ensure you can replace these assets. This could save a lot of money and protect your organization moving forward.

Comply with Requirements

If you store cargo during the shipping and transportation process, you may be required to carry cargo insurance. It is common for your clients and other interested parties to require you to have cargo coverage as it ultimately provides them with some coverage and protection as well. When you continue to carry a full cargo plan, it will keep you in compliance with such obligations.

We Can Help

If you own any type of shipping or transportation business in the Portland, OR area, having a quality cargo insurance plan continues to be critical. As you are looking to build one of these policies here, it can be a great idea to call our team at Choice One Insurance Inc. At Choice One Insurance Inc. we understand the value of this coverage, and we can help you build your next policy. 

Does Small Truck and Delivery Insurance Cover Inventory or Cargo?

You’ll need a small truck and delivery insurance policy if you have a delivery business and use a small truck for daily business tasks. Anyone in Portland, OR interested in learning more about their insurance options should contact the experts at Choice One Insurance Inc. We are ready to help you get the coverage you need. 

Small Truck and Delivery Insurance Coverage

Small truck and delivery insurance protects businesses that deliver items to customers as part of their business processes. This insurance protects the truck and driver in addition to the cargo carried by the truck. It’s crucial to protect your business interests completely. That’s why any business using a small truck to get products from one location to another for a business transaction or delivery needs to secure this protection. 

Our insurance agents are professionals who desire to determine which policy options are the best for your needs. They take the time to listen intently and review the information you provide about your service and industry. They use those details to match you with options that offer the best coverage without potential gaps that can create a loss. 

Let us show you how we can make selecting the right insurance streamlined. We assist with policy selection, purchases, changes, and claims submission. 

Reach Out Today 

If you would like to learn more about small truck and delivery insurance or any other quality insurance products we provide, call or stop by the office of Choice One Insurance Inc. to schedule a consultation. Our team is ready to assist you by providing information and answers to your questions. We proudly serve the residents in and around the Portland, OR area by providing exceptional customer service and insurance. 

5 Tips For Finding the Right Special Contractors Insurance

Do you work as a special contractor in Portland, OR? Do you need unique commercial liability protection? If so, you should strongly consider acquiring special contractors insurance from a provider like Choice One Insurance Inc. Since you may not know where and how to begin your search, we’re offering 5 tips for finding the right special contractors insurance.

Finding the Right Special Contractors Insurance

Identify Your Coverage Needs

Start by identifying your specific coverage needs. Your needs may vary depending on the nature of your business. Consider the types of risks and liabilities that you face as a special contractor and choose coverage options that address those risks.

Research Different Insurance Providers

Take the time to research different insurance providers and compare their coverage options, premiums, and customer reviews. Look for providers that specialize in insurance for special contractors and have a strong reputation in the industry.

Choose a Comprehensive Policy

Make sure your insurance policy is comprehensive and includes coverage for all potential risks and liabilities, such as bodily injury, property damage, and errors and omissions. Consider the level of coverage you need based on the size of your business and the scope of your operations.

Consider Additional Coverage Options

In addition to general liability coverage, consider adding extra coverage options, such as professional liability or cyber liability insurance, depending on the specific risks your business faces.

Work With an Experienced Insurance Agent

Consider working with an experienced insurance agent who can help you navigate the complex world of insurance and find the coverage options that best suit your business. An agent can also help you understand the terms and conditions of your policy and assist you in the event of a claim.

Are you looking for special contractors insurance?

Does your business operate in the Portland, OR area? If so, be sure to reach out to us at Choice One Insurance Inc. today for more information!

Three important things to know about occupational accident insurance

Being protected while on the job through occupational accident insurance is important. Employers and employees in Portland, OR can benefit from the occupational accident insurance policies we offer at Choice One Insurance Inc.

The following are three important things to know about occupational accident insurance:

Occupational accident insurance combines aspects of workers’ compensation and long-term disability. 

Unlike workers’ compensation insurance, occupational accident insurance is a private type of insurance that is not state-administered or required by law.

Occupational accident insurance covers expenses like lost wages and medical bills after a workplace accident. Occupational accident insurance can offer features such as permanent total disability coverage, a survivor’s benefit in the event of an accident resulting in death, and accidental dismemberment benefits. 

Occupational accident insurance can benefit independent contractors in particular.

The biggest difference between occupational accident insurance and workers’ compensation insurance is that occupational accident insurance focuses in particular on protecting independent contractors.

Independent contractors often do not get workers’ compensation insurance coverage. Employers can purchase occupational accident insurance so that they can offer protection to their independent contractors. 

Occupational accident insurance often offers the advantage of more flexibility than workers’ compensation insurance plans.

Occupational accident insurance tends to offer more flexibility since it is not state-administered. This gives employers the ability to devise policies that best cover the unique injury risks of their industries.

Employers have to make numerous choices about what types of coverage they want to include in their occupational accident insurance policy. 

Reach Out To Us

We can help you explore your occupational accident insurance options in Portland, OR at Choice One Insurance Inc. Get in touch with us to learn about the policy options we provide. We can also offer you a quote on an occupational accident insurance policy. 

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