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The garage is one of the areas of the home that many people do not think much about until there is a problem. In some cases, home insurance can help with the damage here. For example, if your garage ceiling has damage that stems from a covered peril, your policy can help you make repairs. READ MORE >>

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    In the insurance industry where independent agencies may have access to products of the same insurance companies and can get you similar rates, what is the differentiator factor that you should be looking for when shopping agencies?       Think about value factors that are important to you. READ MORE >>

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Very often, we come across situations where drivers request “parking Insurance” or want to take a unit completely off their policy. In most cases, the request is due to vehicle maintenance, prolonged vacation or a seasonal break. “Parking Insurance” is a term used in the insurance industry to describe stored vehicles. READ MORE >>

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If you are a homeowner you may have recently received your yearly tax bill. And if you live in Oregon you have noticed that number is slowly creeping up every year. Like most of us, you would prefer to keep that money in your pocket. READ MORE >>

Having a claim is expensive. The impact is easy to see in the short term when paying out your deductible and man hours used to contact adjusters and waiting for callbacks. It is less visible but has much more of an impact when you look at the long term effect it has on shipping and broker relationships and on insurance premiums. READ MORE >>

Properly Securing Loads for Transport Recent claim experiences within our company has prompted us to remind our customers and other truckers of common sense liability that they take upon themselves when hauling for hire. According to federal law, the carrier is responsible for securing the load and delivering it with no damage. READ MORE >>

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