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Commercial Insurance Products for Your Warehouse

Review some commercial insurance products that are designed for business owners. Then, select the coverage types you need to protect your warehouse adequately.

Liability Protection

Liability protection covers you against accidents that occur in your place of business. This type of protection also provides relief if a customer sues you after purchasing a product or service.

Flood Protection

Flood insurance covers water damage caused by a flood and the cost of repairing or replacing materials. This type of insurance coverage is optional. It benefits those who operate a business in a region prone to flooding.

Theft and Vandalism

Theft and vandalism protection will replace items that are stolen or destroyed. If any items are stored inside a warehouse, theft and vandalism protection should be considered seriously. It can prevent monetary loss, allowing a business owner to continue operations as normal.

The Inspection

Before you purchase commercial insurance products, have your warehouse inspected. The inspection will unveil any issues that may necessitate additional protection.

Use your inspection report to guide you in choosing how much insurance coverage to purchase. The inspection should be a professional one that a licensed individual performs. Keep a copy of the results that the inspector provides you with.

An Inventory

Take an inventory of the equipment, products, and other valuable items stored in your warehouse. The number of items you own will likely influence the amount of commercial insurance needed.

Contact Choice One Insurance Inc.

Contact a Choice One Insurance Inc. representative for all your commercial insurance needs. One of our agents serving Clackamas and Portland, OR, can assist with any commercial insurance questions or concerns that have been troubling you. 

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