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Five Road Tested Insurance Strategies for Your Small Truck Delivery Fleet

Protect Your Small Truck Delivery Fleet in Portland, OR

Comprehensive coverage from Choice One Insurance Inc. can protect your fleet from collision-related accidents and non-collision-related events like theft, vandalism, and the aftermath left over from devastating natural disasters and powerful storms.  

#1. Get Comprehensive Coverage

The most foolproof way to protect your small truck delivery fleet from unexpected perils is to get comprehensive insurance coverage for small trucks and delivery vehicles.

#2. Implement Driver Training Programs

Implement driver training programs to help your drivers and employees reduce the number of collisions and mishaps that can happen along their delivery routes. 

#3. Develop Risk Management Protocols

Develop risk management protocols to add a layer of protection to your small truck delivery fleet. Protocols like route planning strategies to avoid high-risk areas, driver security measures, and monitoring local weather conditions can go a long way toward safeguarding your small truck fleet. 

#4. Update Policy Coverage 

Remember to revisit and update your policy coverage as your business scales and takes on new customers and employees. A trusted insurance agent can help you navigate the complexities of small truck delivery fleet insurance and choose the best options based on your current circumstances. 

#5. Protect Your Fleet with Advice from Trusted Professionals 

Please don’t wait until it’s too late to protect your small delivery fleet from unexpected perils. When in doubt – seek advice from trusted local insurance professionals – our team of insurance agents and experts can provide insurance advice and offer you a small truck delivery fleet insurance quote to help you get started. 

Contact the knowledgeable and friendly Choice One Insurance Inc. insurance agents in Portland, OR, to protect your small fleet today! 

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