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How to Improve Your Home Insurance in Oregon

Your home insurance in Oregon has a lot to do with how much you get from your property investment. If you’re interested in learning more about how to improve your policy, Choice One Insurance Inc. in Portland, OR has a few tips for you. Learn more about steps you can take to bring the terms of your contract up to par. 

Talk to Someone Who Knows

It’s one thing to do your research and comb through the legalese on the contract. However, it’s another to talk to someone about the different scenarios that could occur. For example, are you located in an area that is more prone to flooding? If so, what will happen should you need to file for water damage or a mold infestation? Your policy might contain a rider for floods, or it might exclude this event from it. Improving your coverage means taking into account the different things that could happen and then planning for them accordingly. 

Take Stock of Your Possessions

Did you buy a new TV this year? Have you been steadily making improvements to the bathroom or kitchen? Because our homes are gradually improved over time, it doesn’t always occur to people to call their home insurance company to tell them about these changes. However, it’s important to keep your limits up-to-date. Otherwise, you might only be reimbursed for a portion of what you actually spent. 

Choice One Insurance Inc. knows that the people of Portland, OR value their properties immensely, which is why we have several coverage options to fit nearly any policy configuration you’re looking for. If you need advice or assistance in improving your home insurance policy, contact us today to learn more about our services and talk to our staff. 

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